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Antique Collectibles

Of the various different kinds of collectibles people can choose from, without doubt one of the most popular is antique collectibles.  But what are antique collectibles and how do you start an antique collection?

What are antique collectibles?
The first thing to note about antique collectibles is that in order for them to be classified as antique collectibles the item being collecting has to be at least seventy years old.  Anything newer than this may be very nice, it may even be old, but it is not an antique collectible.

The second thing of note about antique collectibles is that it not all about collecting furniture!  Mention antique collectibles to someone and they automatically think you like to collect Victorian furniture.  While collecting antique furniture is one form of antique collecting, in fact antique collectibles is collecting anything over seventy years of age.  As such, if you like collecting dolls, paintings, clothes, books, silverware, cars, etc., and these are over seventy years of age, then your are an antique collectibles enthusiast.

Where’s the best place to buy antique collectibles?
If you are just starting out in your antiques collectibles pursuit, then probably the best place to go is to flea markets and garage sales.  Here you can usually find discarded antique at reasonable prices.  If walking around flea markets and garage sales doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to you, you can alternatively visit your local antiques store.  Keep in mind, however, that by visiting your local antique store you are pretty much eliminating that bargain find and will be paying top prices for your collection. 

An alternative to both of these to try and find antiques that interest you on the internet.  A particularly useful website may be an auction site, where you can either participate in the fun of the auction or agree to pay the reserve price the seller has usually set for an automatic sale.

Know everything there is to know about your antique collectibles collection
If you want to start an antique collectibles collection then you should know that you’ll need to know more about that era than anyone else you come across.  For those with young children, you can start an antique collectibles collection as part of their history homework and doing this usually makes it more fun for them to learn about our past.  You should, however, expect to spend a considerable amount of time reading up on that particular time period – especially if you have never done any research about that era before you start to collect antiques from that time period.

Anything else I need to remember?
Yes.  If you collect antiques and keep them at home you should check with your home contents insurer to make sure that these items are covered as part of your home contents insurance.  In most case home contents insurance does not specially include antiques kept in the house, which need to be separately insured.  Having taken a great deal of time and effort to collect your antiques, you wouldn’t want to lose them just because you overlooked this small point – so do make sure you check this out.

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