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Tips on How to Start a Stamp Collection

One of the oldest and most popular of collectibles is stamp collecting.  The problem most stamp collects face when starting out, however, is how to start there collection of stamps – given that there are so many!  To help you, the following are a few useful tips on how to start a stamp collection.

Choosing which stamps to collect
Deciding which stamps you want to collect should always be a decision you make on what interests you.  Here, some stamp collectors like to collect particular stamps from one country or region.  Other like to collect stamps from all over the world.  Still others like to collect stamps from countries they have visited.

The design of a stamp can also be a good way to start a stamp collection.  For example, some stamp collectors like to collect sporting stamps.  Other like sea and animal stamps.  Or, you could even collect stamps of famous people. What you should be considering above everything else, however, is how to keep your stamp collecting as simple as possible – as that way you’ll likely find you get more enjoyment out of collecting stamps.

New or used
Deciding whether or not you want to collect new (unused) stamps or stamps that have been minted is always a tough call.  It is probably true that over time a new (unused) stamp will have more value than a stamp that has already been minted, but there is also the argument that a minted stamps ha more of a history to it.  The decision you make here will also depend on how easy it will be for you to collect new (unused) stamps for your collection.  For example, if you live in the United States, but decide to collect European stamps, it might be a tough ask to keep collecting new (unused) stamps from a geographic region in which you don’t live.  Nonetheless, making use of the internet might make this possible. 

Arranging your album
The next thing you have to decide is how you want to display your stamp collection.  Most stamp collector like to display their stamp collections in an album, but arranging the album can be a difficult decision you need to make.  For example, do you collect the stamps in your album by alphabetical order, by geographic order, by the face value of the stamp, or by its design?  All of these decisions need to be given very careful consideration.

Caring for your stamp collection
The care and attention you pay towards your stamp collection is going to have a very profound effect on the value of your stamps.  If you finger your stamps too much, they’ll eventually lose their value, so you should always use tongs when picking up your stamps.  You should also make sure you keep your stamp collection is a safe place, but make sure you don’t keep them in a damp environment, otherwise they may become damaged.

It is not difficult to see why stamp collecting has stood the test of time as one of the more popular of collectibles activities. You can have real fun collecting stamps.  What’s more, if you stick to your stamp collecting hobby, over time, you’ll likely find that your stamp collection can become very valuable, both in monetary terms and in lots and lots of lovely memories.

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