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Tips on How to Decide What Collectibles to Collect

Okay, so you know that you want to start a collection, you’re just not sure what it is that you want to collect!  But, with literally thousands of things to collect; how do you make up your mind what collectibles you should be collecting?  The following useful tips on how to decide what collectibles to collect should help you in making up your mind.

1.         Interest
Of paramount importance, before you start to collect anything think about whether or not you are actually interested in the item you are collecting!  Keep in mind that a vast amount of your time may well be spent building up your collection.  This may well include having to spend cold, wet weekends walking around car-boot sales and jumble sales to see if you can find that all illusive collectible item that will complement your collection.  In short, if you do not enjoy what you are doing then starting a collection could well become a very painful exercise for you.  Moreover, rarely is the end net worth of your time spent building up your collection going to equate to the value of the collection if you decide that it has all become too much for you and you want to sell the collection.  As such, making sure you are interested in the item(s) you’re collecting should be more important than any value you think the collection may one day be worth.

2.         Knowledge
When you decide that you want to start a collection you are going to need to do a lot of reading about the item you are collecting.  This may well be in the form of the latest new items being released, or where to go to buy your chosen collectible cheaply.  Because of this, the more knowledge you have about the item you are collection from the outset, the better.  Also keep in mind that if you are not very knowledgeable about the thing you are collecting, then chances are you could well be paying a lot more for the items in your collection than you really need to be.

3.         Durability
Unless you buy or acquire a collection ‘job lot’, building up a collection will take time.  So, you need to make sure that the item you are collecting will stand the test of time and still be in a good condition for the day when you have enough items in your collection to make your collection noteworthy.  In the event that your collection does not have durability, you need to remember that the collection will, likely, devalue over time.

4.         Space/storage
Too often people start out their collection with one or two items and only start to realize they have a problem of where to store their collection once they reach the hundred or thousandth item!  Remember, there is little point collecting 1,000 pairs of shoes if you have nowhere to store them! 

5.         Cost/expense
Once you have started a collection, at times it can seem that every spare amount of money you have is being ploughed into feeding that collection – either in traveling to places to acquire new items to add to your collection, the purchase of new items, storing your collection, etc.  Because of this, you really should not start a collection if the item you have decided to collect is going to be outside of your budget.  For example, you don’t want to start collecting valuable paintings or gold coins if you are not earning enough to pay for them!

In the end, deciding what to collect should not be about the latest fad, or the latest eBay auction sale, but should come down to a good common sense decision.

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