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Make Some Money from Your Collectibles

Tips on How to Make Some Money from Your Collectibles

As any enthusiast of a collectibles collection knows, collecting collectibles takes up a considerable amount of your time and money.  Sometimes this can become a little over bearing and you start to wonder how you can get you vast collectibles collection to start making some money for you for a change.  Here are a few tips on how this can be done:

Display your collectibles
Believe it or not, but many members of the general public are willing to pay good money to go to exhibits of collectibles.  Especially if you have a particularly interesting collection of collectibles.  So, if you want to start to make a few bucks out of your collectibles collection, why not start to show them at the various shows you see advertised around the country.

Create a website
If showing your collectibles at shows around the country sounds like too much hard effort, why not think about creating your own website where you can show all of your collectibles.  On your website you can have a donation link where people can give a donation if they have enjoyed looking at the collectibles on display on your website – in much the same way as they may an entrance fee to visit an art gallery or museum.

Write about your experiences
Lots of publications, both on the internet and in general print, will pay good money to someone who has a certain expertise in a certain field.  As the owner of a collection of collectibles, there can hardly be anyone better qualified than you to write about your experiences.  You could also write about what the collectibles are worth.  Indeed, there are lots of different topics you could choose to write about.  All of these articles can then be sold to the publication or website and you can start to make some money from the experience of becoming an expert collector of your chosen collectibles.

Sell your collectibles
If the worst comes the worst and you really need to make some money from your collectibles you could always decide to sell them.  Normally you can sell collectibles at flea markets or garage sales.  Alternatively, if you think your collectible has some real value you could try to see it to your local antiques dealer or on one of the many auction websites on the internet.

An alternative method of making money out of selling collectibles to buy cheap and sell dear.  Because of you’re built up knowledge about your chosen collectible, you should be able to know whether a collectible is being sold at a bargain or not.  If so, you could consider buying it and then selling it on for a profit.

As you can see, there are lots of ways you can make money from your collection of collectibles.  So don’t let your collectibles be a financial burden to you – make them start to work for you and make money out of your collectibles collection.  After all, the more money you make from your collectibles collection the more money you have to spend on the collection.

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