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Fashion jewelry refers to jewelries which made out of different materials like beads, plastic, silver, gemstones or even gold. They are regarded as fashion jewelry because they can compliment any outfit when properly mix and match. Fashion jewelry has many colorful designs that can capture attention and leave positive impression.

Fashion jewelry basically reflects the personality of the person wearing it. Fashion jewelry can also add life to any simple outfit and can bring out the best in one’s look. Fashion jewelry is more than adornments and ornamentation because it can also show how people value their life.

The most popular fashion jewelry today is the colored precious gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, agate, rose quartz, citrine and many others. These gemstones are added to various body accessories such as rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. They can either be designed as a combination of different gemstones or sets of the same stones.

Beads are also popular as a fashion jewelry as well as works of Bali silver fashion jewelry. Bali silver fashion jewelry is well known for silversmithing and gain good reputation in the fashion jewelry world. They create fashion jewelry by incorporating beads with sterling silver. Their designs are definitely beautiful and elegant. AT present, they are now the most well-liked brand in Western fashion industry.

Another type of fashion jewelry available in the market is the plastic fashion jewelry. Plastic fashion jewelry is made of plastic which are molded and shaped into various designs. The price of plastic fashion jewelry is not expensive. They also have variety of colors that is pleasing to the eyes. These fashion jewelries are commonly wore by individuals who tend to be trendy and chic.

Vintage Fashion Jewelry is fashion jewelry originated from the sophisticated styles of the 1940’s which are generally associated with girly look, draping chandelier earrings and huge, bright rhinestone brooches.

Fashion jewelry is the most favourite jewelry among celebrities, models and young teens because of its creative and colorful designs. But many women nowadays also incorporate fashion jewelry in their suits in variety of way.

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