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Gemstones Information

Most people are not experts in gemology and many are simply unaware of the sheer mass of possibilities being offered in the market today. Even with the understanding of the basic terminology of the field, there are still many misleading things that any gem-purchaser may get entangled with. Various treatments, fabrications and enhancements are something every person should be aware of before committing to an expensive purchase. After reading this text, you will have the general information you need to understand the treatments in use today and be more wary of them. However, not all of the dangers in this process are so sophisticated. Some may be as simple as missing the right name for the gem you are examining or confusing one type of gem for another because they look similar. Many gems famous for their one distinctive color actually come in a variety of colors, some of which differ hugely in cost. Many gems will seem utterly new and unfamiliar to you because they are new. Recently discovered gems keep cropping up; tsavorite [green garnets] and some new types of tourmalines, all colored differently, are now in market for the first time, as well as many other new varieties.








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