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Crystal jewelries are originally attributed to all transparent and clear sets of jewelries because of their natural luster and shine. Gemstones, quartz and glass beads are collectively known as crystals. The most expensive crystals are the precious gemstones that include the diamond, sapphire, ruby and emeralds. Almost all naturally occurring gemstones are classified as crystals because of their crystalline properties.

Due to the unique charm of crystals, man strived to replicate its beauty and lead to the creation of manmade or synthetic crystals that truly depict the elegance and novelty of a natural crystal. Manmade crystals are excellent and affordable way to add life, fashion and style to any kind of jewelry. The most famous and in demand class of crystal jewelries nowadays are those made from Swarovski crystal which is the so called leading brand of finest crystals in the world.

Crystal beads, rhinestones and even cut glass were pretty popular as alternative to rare and expensive gemstones. Crystals are extensively used in all forms of jewelries; it can be designed and fashioned into wedding jewelry and costume jewelries. Crystal is indeed the most basic and yet invaluable jewelry material, it is simply the must have material of any jeweller.

Crystal jewelries are particularly extraordinary because many people believe to the innate power of crystal jewelries. From the olden times and until now, this belief never faded. The Feng Shui specifically attested and promoted various crystal jewelries to improve the wealth and health condition of a person. The statistics of people who are wearing crystals jewelries are steadily growing because of special charm of crystal jewelries in their lives.

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