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Czech jewelry is made from Czech glass beads which are directly made and imported from the Czech Republic. Czech glass beads have been around for more than 100 long years, as indicated by trade beads produced and imported from Bohemia that are more than 300 years old.
Jewelries made from Czech glass beads are known for their very consistent bead size with colors and finishes that are less likely to fade in sunlight or water. These jewelries have superior shine and finish and are far more lasting than plastic beads. Czech beaded jewelries are quite popular because their glass beads do not wear or fade away when rubbed against other materials and objects.

Jewelries made from Czech glass beads with a pearl finish have great values because of its superior quality and tremendous variety in colors, sizes and shapes. There is also a vast range of Czech glass beads like fire polished Czech beads, pressed Czech beads and lamp worked Czech beads. All these glass beads come in different shapes and sizes that can be transformed in wonderful jewelry designs.

Nowadays, there had been jewelries composed of Czech beads that are produced and faceted through machines. These Czech beads from machine-cuts are quite identical to Swarovski making it almost impossible to see any difference with a price that is relatively lower than Swarovski crystals.

There are no particular Czech bead producers that develop and use specific brand as Swarovski crystals did, but in the jewelry world, Czech bead is tantamount with very high quality as well as originality, creativity, and tremendous variety of bead styles.


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