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Jewelries made from glass and plastic beads have long been part of human fashion and designs. The use of glass beads in jewelry making existed several centuries ago in Egyptians society and Roman Era. Glass beads were created as alternative material in jewelry making because they exactly mimic some precious gemstones without its rarity and expensive price. Earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets made from glass beads are truly amazing and captivating.

The birth of glass beads paved way to more intricate and elegant jewelry creations. Glass beads are made from mixing and processing quartz sand, soda and lime. Many glass producers create magnificent and intricate beautiful glass beads that can be transformed into stylish and elegant jewelries. This made jewelry fashion to be experienced and enjoyed not only by noble societies but also by the mass majority societies.

On the other hand, the plastic jewelries made from innovative products like Bakelite, celluloid, acrylic and Lucite promised jewelry creations beyond the usual and conventional designs. Plastic jewelries lead to the revolutionary trend in fashion and made it possible to wear jewelries in more trendy and youthful designs. Designs, shapes and color not possible with any other jewelry materials are easily achieved using plastic bead materials.

The trends in both glass and plastic jewelries are infinite because designs and styles using these materials seem to be endless. Human fashion has never been exciting without the colourful and trendy designs of glass and plastic jewelries. Lively and intricate costume jewelries can not be completed without using these innovative materials.

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