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Jewelry fashion generally involves all the styles, designs and materials that were used in various jewelry creations. It also pertains to the traditional and contemporary jewelries used by various societies at certain period of time. Costume jewelries, wedding jewelries, designer jewelries and even Celtic jewelries all depict fashionin jewelry through their unique way of creating and presenting jewelries.

Jewelry fashion or trend is not only intended for the upper societies and celebrity guilds, and entertainment class. In fact, more and more people tend to wear fashionable jewelry in every country. Jewelry becomes the new passion of expressing one’s self.

One of example of classic jewelry fashion is the silver fashion jewelry. The style and fashion of jewelries made of sterling silver have been existed for thousand of years and become popular even in western jewelry fashion.

Fashion and trends in jewelry has been even more exciting and fascinating with the introduction of jewelries made from colorful and durable plastic materials. Bakelite has been particularly beyond compare when it comes to plastic jewelry. It had made wonderful contribution to the jewelry fashions that still linger up to this day.

Nowadays, plastic jewelry has never been equaled in creating fashionable and trendy jewelry that can suit the budget of almost all people in all walks of life. Creating youthful and lively costume jewelry is possible with the use of vibrant plastics from Lucite fibers.

Vintage fashion jewelry on the other hand is eternal. Jewelries under this fashion keep on coming back because of its charm and exquisiteness. The style of fashion jewelries always linger regardless of the generation as it offer pure feminine elegance through its draping chandelier earrings and bold dazzling brooches.

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