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Accounting and Auditing

Accountant Home Page, The

Community for accountants featuring news, discussions, links, software reviews, classifieds, job listings, and more.

Accounting in Japan
News on the state of and changes to accounting standards in Japan. Maintained by Yoshinori Kawamura.

Forensic Accounting Demystified
Topics covered include: what is forensic accounting; what is litigation support; and what does a forensic accountant do.

History of Accounting
Overview of accounting from ancient times to the present. Presented by the Association of Chartered Accountants in the United States.

Internal Auditing World Wide Web (IAWWW)
Topics include operational, managerial, EDP, financial auditing with separate topics on audit management, executive, board and director committees.

Rutgers Accounting Web (RAW)
Accounting information retrieval system for use by accounting scholars, practitioners, educators, and students.

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