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Brokerages 0-W

Offers home equity loans for debt consolidation, refinancing, and home improvements to those with poor credit.

Focusing on individuals looking for refinance loans or second mortgages.

American Pacific Group
Offers home and commercial construction and development loans nationwide.


Fannie Mae

FhaToday - Online FHA Financing
Includes an application and interest rates.

Golden Rule Mortgages, Inc.

Home Trust Mortgage
Home loans for purchases, building, or refinancing a home. Serving Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

iMortgage Central
Offers new home purchases or mortgage refinancing as well as home equity loans and debt consolidation.

Just Found My Mortgage
Facilitates mortgages with bad credit. Offers online applications.

Mortgage Rates PLUS.com
Offers mortgage quotes and information on how to lock in low rates.

Mortgage Refinancing Company
Offers quotes from mortgage refinancing companies.

Mortgage Sort
Mortgage loan resources including refinancing information and rate comparisons from multiple leading lenders.

Registered Australian Mortage Securities
Australia based mortgage broker offering home loans and mortgages for residential properties.

Sovereign Funding Group
Mortgage broker also offers accounts receivable factoring, structured settlements, debt consolidation, and more.

United Financial Mortgage
Mortgage lender with offices throughout the United States.

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