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Mortgage Resources

Mortgage Saver 101
Offering tools, knowledge, and resources including mortgage news, education and training, rates, and loan calculators.

Provides home loan application processor to mortgage brokers, bankers, lenders, and loan officers.

HSH Associates
Current mortgage rates, calculators, and loan information.

Location Efficient Mortgage
Provides background information and requirements for LEMs.

Mortgage 101
Includes market information, downloadable forms, general reference, step-by-step guides, and more.

Mortgage Mag
Information regarding mortgage lending, mortgage banking and more.

Mortgage Professor
Frequently asked questions about mortgages, answered by Wharton Professor and nationally syndicated mortgage columnist Jack M. Guttentag.

Offers information for people with bad credit including, credit scoring, mortgage scams, debt consolidation, and more.

National Financial News Services
Editorial mortgage and financial rate reporting service that supplies interest rate information to newspapers nationwide.

Real Estate Insiders
Provides resources to answer questions about home loans and mortgage refinancing, real estate, and personal finance.

Sell your property, house or home
Sell your property online with House Network, and receive a home visit with virtual tours, and wide angle photography with an online estate agent.

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