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The Classic Shapes

The face-up outline of the gem

  1. Round: A circular outer edge to the stone, either with a large flat table surface or a curved table surface. This is the most common shape to be found and is the most easily evaluated because there are set standards of evaluation on its proportions.

  2. Baguette: A rectangular shaped stone with outer trimming edges.

  3. Oval: Oval shaped rim with elliptical round edges.

  4. Trilliant: A triangle-shaped stone that is either has a flat table surface or a pointed table surface.

  5. Heart: Heart shaped stones are normally left flat at the table surface and have many facets along the girdle-line.

  6. Radiant: A roughly square-shaped stone, although the connecting points may be either sharply defined or rounded. The table surface is often multi-faceted.

  7. Pear: A round elliptic shape that ends with a point.

  8. Navette: often called ‘Marquise', this is an eye-shaped stone.

  9. Emerald: This shape is roughly rectangular, but its four corners slope down along the pavilion of the stone.

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