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Wedding jewelry as the name it implies is those jewelries that are designed to be wear by the bride on her actual wedding day. This jewelry helps the bride to shine on her most special day hence; wedding jewelry must complement the wedding gown and the overall personality of the bride.

The most popular wedding jewelry is made from pearls and diamonds which are highly associated and dominantly worn by noble and elegant women. Wearing diamond jewelry is every woman’s dream. Wedding gowns are likewise accessorized by elegant looking glass beads, pearls and subtly colored gemstones. And with the advent of faux diamonds and simulated gemstones as well as synthetic pearls and glass beads, the design of jewelries and gown for wedding become even more expressive and intricate.

Wedding jewelry is not restricted to diamond and pearl jewelries because vintage jewelry or heirloom piece jewelry may be also nice to wear during wedding. Wearing jewelry that has sentimental value to the bride is very special because of emotional attachments. Other precious gemstone jewelry such as ruby, sapphire and emerald are likewise great wedding jewelries.

Earrings, necklaces, bracelet and tiaras are the popular form of wedding jewelry. However, all these jewelry need not to be wear by the bride except the earrings. Wedding jewelry will largely depend on the design of the wedding gown. Bracelet is not worn when the bride wears gloves. As for necklace, its length will vary depending on the neckline style of the wedding gown. Necklace should complement the earrings of the bride. However, should the bride’s gown has stunning neckline, wearing necklace may be skipped to show-off the gown.

The best earrings for the bride also depend on the neckline of her wedding gown and the hairstyle of the bride during the wedding. Earrings should be remarkable but must not overwhelm the bride’s gown. Diamond or pearl drop earrings or short dangle earrings will surely add sophistication and sparkle to the bride. Earrings can be in more elegant design if the bride will not wear any necklace or choker. A subtle pearl earrings or diamonds earrings works well with beaded wedding gown.

Bride’s hair can be also adorned by beautiful wedding jewelry in the form of tiara, pins or clips. Tiara is usually designed together with the wedding gown and is normally accessorize with sparkling crystals and subtle colored gemstones. However, tiara and necklace are not recommended to be combined together as it may overdo the bride’s look.

The options in jewelry that is suitable for bride during her wedding can be overwhelming but the most important thing to remember is to maintain bride and the wedding gown as the center of attraction. Wedding jewelry is meant to compliment the gown and to make the bride look special on her wedding day.


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